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Refresh Your Workspace

A quick office update may be just what you need to stay motivated. Any time of year, you can freshen up your workspace, get organized, increase productivity and inspire everything you do, inside the office and out.

5 Easy Ways to Organize & Update Your Workspace

1. Print. Sort. Repeat.
Paper piles may be inevitable, but they needn’t be unmanageable. Sort your piles by subject, project or due date and then put each stack into a magazine file or letter tray. You’ll go from chaos to order in a matter of minutes!

2. Think inside the box.
What to do with all that stuff? Fight the urge to shove it into a junk drawer. Instead use document boxes or bins to organize supplies. Stacked designs or color coordinated boxes not only turn clutter into art, but make it easier to find what you need, when you need it.

3. Things are looking up.
Need more space? Put your walls to work for you. A modular wall system can hold supplies, files, to-dos, notes, reminders, pictures and more.

4. You can do better than plain manila.
Filing can be fun when you use beautiful file folders. That stack of paperwork looks suddenly stylish enveloped in a decorative expanding case. Whether you choose to get organized with printed file folders or decorative expanding cases, your filing cabinet or desktop will be bursting with color.

5. A valet isn't just for your car.
Desk valets help to corral all those frequently used items like pens, pencils, envelopes, note pads and even files. Pair it with a coordinating letter tray for incoming paperwork and your desktop is free and clear of clutter, leaving plenty of room for you to get started on that big project.

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