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Meet Our Team of Environmental Experts

Our specialists focuses on helping customers succeed sustainably

Yalmaz Siddiqui

Senior Director, Sustainability

EXPERIENCE: 9+ years with Office Depot®. Previously with IBM Consulting and PwC. Is Founding Chair of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (

STRONG SUIT : Brings a customer orientation to all green efforts at Office Depot – a practice honed through years as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consultant at IBM and PwC.

AT HOME: Married with 2 children. Enjoys surfing, rock climbing, biking and adventure travel. Also an avid reader.

FUN FACT: Earned a Master’s in Environment & Development at Cambridge University, back in 1993, before sustainability was hip.

Molly Ray

National Environmental Solutions Manager
Sales lead for GreenerOffice™ Solutions

EXPERIENCE: 3+ years with the Office Depot® sales team, delivering high-quality greener solutions to customers. Leads Office Depot’s national ‘green army’ of Environmental Solutions Specialists.

STRONG SUIT: Able to simplify complex green concepts in an engaging and educational way.

AT HOME: Lives in Seattle, often seen at Pike Place market.

FUN FACT: Attended the Bainbridge Graduate School and obtained a Master’s in Sustainability.

Zulema Ledesma

Senior Consultant, Sustainability

EXPERIENCE: 2+ years as a furniture buyer and 5+ years as a green product expert in Office Depot merchandising. Now works across Office Depot functional areas globally to track and report sustainability information, including carbon footprint, waste, eco-conscious sales, socially-conscious sales, etc.

STRONG SUIT: Collaborating with cross-functional teams to support sustainability programs.

AT HOME: Loves to spend time on DIY home improvement projects. Enjoys traveling and visiting new places.

FUN FACT:  Runs Office Depot’s volunteer green team at Office Depot headquarters.

Roger Howell

Senior Analyst,
Environmental Reporting

EXPERIENCE: 10+ years with Office Depot®, including many years as a pricing analyst, and now as a green spend reporting expert.

STRONG SUIT: Obsessively deep product knowledge.

AT HOME: Married with 2 children, enjoys poker, music and watching his kids improve their sporting prowess.

FUN FACT: Has the actual item numbers of hundreds of Office Depot greener products committed to memory.

Adam Ross

Product Analyst

EXPERIENCE: Over 7 years in analytical roles, including forecasting, trend, profit enhancement, cost control and green spend reporting. Recently re-joined the Environmental Team to substantiate environmental claims in order to accurately message the Office Depot green assortment to customers.

STRONG SUIT: Attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure comprehensive, industry leading infromation about greener products.

AT HOME: Enjoys outdoor activities, including snorkeling, boating and biking.

FUN FACT: Took a 2-month hike on the Appalachian Trail, covering over 650 miles.


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