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Water Service Solution for Your Business

Pull great-tasting, purified drinking water out of thin air

water service


The Aquaboy Atmospheric Water Generator is the new must-have breakroom appliance to help keep everyone at your workplace hydrated and healthy. Perfect for offices of all sizes, these unique machines use patented cutting-edge technologies to generate pure, crystal-clear water using vapor taken directly from the atmosphere.

Aquaboy atmospheric water
  • Choose from a variety of generators, including freestanding countertop models to fit smaller spaces
  •  Rely on state-of-the-art filtration and sanitation features for a constant supply of safe, delicious drinking water
  • Enjoy a constant water reserve, so you don’t have to waste time refilling, transporting & storing heavy water containers
  • Get installation, maintenance & support for all equipment (inspection every 6 to 12 months is recommended to maintain water quality)

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