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A Quick Guide to Collaborative Workplace Design

Build a comfortable workplace that inspires creativity and productivity

The Office Blueprint

Elements of the contemporary office have evolved to include comfortably furnished collaboration areas, as well as private nooks or breakout rooms for when employees need to focus on solitary work. “Putting together a team to investigate the issue,” advises Holly Bohn of See Jane Work, “can be a great way of getting feedback and, ultimately, buy-in.
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Collaborative Workplace Design 

Consider everything from the intricacies of office layout to finding the right ergonomic products and desk accessories. Having a handle on important aspects of workplace design may help you develop a work environment that supports the well-being of your employees while boosting productivity. Here you'll find the data, tips and expert insights to help your workforce and your bottom line.


Successful companies understand that happy workers are more productive, and that employees value choice. This is why, as James R. Jutz of 3M explains, the height adjustable (HA) desk is ideal: “Employees can choose how many hours they sit or stand each day.
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Lighting & Mood

Office layout and furniture choices are only two areas that may affect the well-being of your workforce. To improve the atmosphere, it's also important to consider lighting, personalization and even natural elements, such as plants.
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