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Special Programs

Vendor/Supplier Diversity

The Supply Chain Diversity Program at Office Depot provides our customers with a broad range of innovative business solutions, while fostering the growth of Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs*). Office Depot values inclusion and partners with HUBs to enhance their long-term viability.

Office Depot offers customers a comprehensive solution that is designed to meet and address our customer’s diversity spend objectives. Our Supply Chain Diversity programs include:

  • Tier One Diversity
  • Vendor Diversity
  • Supplier Diversity

TIER ONE DIVERSITY: Buy Direct from Certified HUB Partners

Building a relationship with members of our network of national, regional and local partners provides solutions that customers can have confidence in, without compromising quality or service.

VENDOR DIVERSITY: Buy HUB Products from Office Depot

Office Depot helps customers fulfill second tier HUB spend requirements by featuring more than 1,000 products manufactured and/or distributed by HUB vendors in our catalogs and online.

SUPPLIER DIVERSITY: Businesses Sell Directly to Office Depot

Our dedication to supply chain diversity extends to our internal procurement practices and includes broad use of HUB products and services.

For more information on the Office Depot Supply Chain Diversity efforts, please contact us at: or

*HUBs include: Certified Minority, Women, Disabled, Veteran, Disabled-Veteran and Small (SBA 8(a), SDB and HUB Zone) enterprises