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Store Purchasing Card Terms & Conditions


In consideration of issuance of an Office Depot Store Purchasing Card ("Card") to you, ("Cardholder"), Cardholder agrees to be bound to the following Terms and Conditions applicable to the use of the Card:

1. The Card is not a revolving or any other type of credit card and does not establish any new account, nor does it extend credit to the Cardholder. The Card is an identification card only and allows the Cardholder to receive their custom discount pricing when making purchases at Office Depot's retail stores.

2. Payment options for purchases made with Cards issued to Office Depot Business Solutions Division ("BSD") business account clients ("BSD Client") are (a) account billing, (b) account billing and other types of payment at the point of sale (cash, check, credit card), or (c) other types of payment at the point-of sale only. The default payment option is (b) above. To select another payment option, please notify your Office Depot BSD account manager.

3. Payment options for purchases made with Cards issued by a BSD Client to Cardholders through a group or employee purchasing organization are cash, check and credit card only.

4. Office Depot coupons valid at retail stores and used in conjunction with a Card will provide the Cardholder with a discount off of the retail store price only. The Card will permit the Cardholder to receive either its custom discounted pricing or the retail store price after discounts, whichever is lower.

5. The Card must be presented at the point of sale in order for the Cardholder to receive its custom discounted pricing.

6. Office Depot reserves the right to unilaterally revoke or terminate the Card for any reason. Upon the receipt of notice that the Card has been terminated, the Cardholder must destroy the Card.

7. If the BSD Client is issued more than one (1) Card, all Cards issued shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions.

8. Office Depot reserves the right, at any time, to revise these Terms and Conditions. Any modifications to these Terms and Conditions shall be effective upon posting of the modified terms and conditions at or any successor website.